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Enamelled furniture made by Paolo De Poli


Paolo De poli

This furniture, which was to the liking of De Pisis and Daria Guarnati is a high spot in the long collaboration between Gio Ponti and Paolo de Poli, the master of enamel work on copper, indeed the man who refounded this art in Italy in 1933. The collaboration commenced in 1940 with the panels designed by Gio Ponti and made by De Poli for the halls of the rectorate at the University of Padua, and continued with other panels, some of them very large, for the transatlantic liners whose interiors were designed by Ponti, from the Conte Grande to the Conte Biancamano. Ponti and De Poli were to work together again in 1956. With De Poli, Ponti, the Italian designer of longest standing, was able to carry on with his everlasting amusement and play with the arts.