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Ponti-Fornaroli-Rosselli practice offices in Via Dezza

1952 Milan

A huge shed, formerly a garage. Gio Ponti turned it into his studio, and everyone went on calling it the shed.In the seventies, when Ponti had begun to refer to all his designs as forms (form for an automobile, form for a museum, form for a cathedral he might have called this crowded shed a form for a studio. This open space measuring 15 by 45 meters fully embodied his idea of an architectural studio the Studio Ponti Fornaroli Rosselli that was also a workshop, a training ground for young people guests and students from all over the world, a place for the display of new materials and designs -indeed, furnished with just these materials and designs, and an exhibition site. For years, the shed was also where the editorial staff of Domus two people worked. And it was even used for family weddings and parties. It was well suited to Ponti's delight in living and working without secrets. His house had movable walls, his studio had no partitions.

Ponti would have liked the new premises of the Faculty of Architecture in Milan, under construction at the time, to have had a similar layout -like that of a workshop.